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MIGA’s goal is to promote foreign direct investment into developing countries to support economic growth and more.

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Explore different types of political risk insurance guarantees provided to investors and lenders.

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Explore global projects that support economic growth, reduce poverty and improves people’s lives.

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2000 Annual Report

2000 Annual Report

During fiscal 2000, MIGA undertook a major review of its activities, as required by its Convention. The review details the agency’s growth since the last review in 1994 and maps future directions. In this exercise I was most grateful for the wise counsel of many leaders and experts. Based on an extensive market survey, the review reinforced four main areas of focus established last year: developmental effectiveness, financial soundness, client orientation, and partnerships and allowed MIGA to identify as “priority areas” the types of investment that are generally not well supported by other insurers, namely: investments in IDA-eligible countries, investments in Africa, South-South investments, and small- and medium-sized enterprises. Performance in fiscal 2000 was in line with these directions, and MIGA intends to continue to focus on its comparative advantage in guarantees and technical assistance



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