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See video message from Izumi Kobayashi, MIGA's Executive Vice President.

In fiscal year 2011, MIGA issued a total of $2.1 billion in investment guarantees for projects in MIGA's developing member countries. This is a record high for the agency and represents a 43 percent increase from last year's new issuance. We also saw much more diversity across regions and sectors in the new projects we supported this year, including four new host countries: Iraq, Kosovo, Liberia, and the Republic of Congo. Of all contracts signed this year, 72 percent fell into one or more of MIGA's priority areas: investments in the world's poorest countries, "South-South" investments, investments in conflict-affected countries, and investments in complex projects. The agency's total gross exposure was $9.1 billion another historic high for MIGA.

Read the report's introductory pages for more highlights.

Development Impact

We continue to leverage our foremost strength in the marketplace attracting investors and private insurers into difficult operating environments. MIGA help clients take a responsible approach to their projects' environmental and social aspects by adhering to performance standards. During these challenging times, MIGA has made a concerted effort to preserve and encourage FDI into the Middle East and North Africa.

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MIGA's Business

Our comparative advantage in the competitive political risk insurance market lies in MIGA's status as a member of the World Bank Group and our ability to support complex, higher-risk projects requiring long tenors and significant syndication. This year in particular, recent changes to our Operational Regulations and Convention drove new business and allowed the agency to innovate to meet clients' needs. By increasing collaboration with the IFC and launching a hub in Asia, MIGA's ability to reach new clients was significantly increased this year. Read the report's Business section for more.


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