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2020 MIGA Gender CEO Award

Ms. Aïssata S. Béavogui, Director General at Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC), is the recipient of this year’s MIGA Gender CEO Award. She oversees the implementation and strategy for sustainable development in the largest greenfield investment in Guinea, providing a leading example of how the mining industry can operate throughout the region. Ms. Béavogui is also the first woman director of an international company in Guinea and she is determined to inspire and empower local women as well as support sustainable development of local communities.


Aïssata S. Béavogui, recipient of this year’s MIGA Gender CEO Award


Hiroshi Matano, Executive Vice President of MIGA, gives this year’s Gender CEO Award to Béavogui; Béavogui gives speech


Matano delivers speech


MIGA’s Diversity and Inclusion team, Yangyang Zhou, Jessica Charles Wade and Susan Vasquez Plasencia, make remarks (From left, Zhou, Charles Wade and Vasquez Plasencia)


Attendees congratulate Béavogui


Merli Baroudi, Director of Economics and Sustainability at MIGA, makes closing remarks


Béavogui with Marcus Williams, Global Head for Energy, Oil & Gas and Mining at MIGA and Alan Narayadu, Senior Underwriter, Energy and Extractive Sectors at MIGA (From left, Williams, Béavogui and Narayadu)


Béavogui with Monish Mahurkar, IFC’s Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Resources, Aradhana Kumar-Capoor, Director and General Counsel of MIGA and Suk-Wah Kwok, Chief Information Officer at IFC (From left, Kumar-Capoor, Béavogui, Mahurkar and Kwok)


Béavogui shakes hands with Caren Grown, Senior Director for Gender at the World Bank Group


Béavogui celebrates with her family

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