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Burkina Faso

Zina Solaire S.A.

€11.0 million
Summary of Proposed Guarantee

This summary covers equity and quasi-equity investments by AMEA Burkina Solar Ltd. of the Cayman Islands, through its subsidiary, Zina International Inc. of the Cayman Islands, into Zina Solaire S.A. of Burkina Faso. The investor has applied for a MIGA guarantee of €11.0 million ($13.1 million) to cover its investments for a period of up to 15 years against the risks of transfer restriction, expropriation, war and civil disturbance, and breach of contract.

The project consists of the development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a greenfield 26.6 MW solar photovoltaic plant in the Mouhoun region, in the South-West of Burkina Faso, 180 km west of Ouagadougou. The electricity generated from the project will be sold to Sonabel, the state-owned power utility, under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement. The project will be connected to the national grid via a 7.8 kilometer transmission line. The 70 ha concession for the plant and 11 ha for the transmission line were granted by the Government of Burkina Faso under a 99-year lease agreement.

Environmental Categorization

The project is a category B under MIGA’s Policy on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Click here to view the Environmental and Social Review Summary prepared by the IFC for their investment in the project.

Development Impact

The project will expand Burkina Faso’s power generation, increase energy security and diversify the country’s production mix, which is heavily dependent on oil-fueled thermal generation and imports.

As one of the first independent power producers in the country, the project is expected to have a significant demonstration effect and catalyze private sector participation in the country’s power sector.

The project will avoid GHG emissions and thus contribute to climate change mitigation.

This proposed project is aligned with MIGA’s priorities of facilitating investments into countries eligible for financing from the International Development Association, investments into fragile and conflict affected countries and investments that address climate change. It is aligned with the World Bank Group Country Partnership Strategy for Burkina Faso, which emphasizes the need to promote access to solar power.