About WBG Guarantee Platform

About WBG Guarantee Platform
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The World Bank Group Guarantee Platform
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The World Bank Group guarantee platform brings together guarantee products and experts from across the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and the World Bank for efficiency, simplicity, and speed.

Our comprehensive suite of guarantees is designed to mitigate risks associated with public and private sector investments in emerging markets.

This platform streamlines access to all WBG guarantees, providing a central location to explore our offerings and find the right solution for your project. Clients will also have a single entry point and streamlined due diligence process for all World Bank Group guarantee needs.

Our Clients
Private Sector
Public Sector
We support governments in attracting private sector investments for infrastructure, health care, education, and other development priorities. The platform will be your single point of contact in collaborating on how guarantees can be coupled with your existing products to support developing countries in addressing an unparalleled set of overlapping global crises.
Public Sector
Private Sector
We help companies invest in emerging markets and developing economies with confidence by mitigating political and commercial risks. The platform will serve as your point of contact for all World Bank Group guarantee options.
Benefits of World Bank Group Guarantees
Our guarantees offer multiple advantages to investment and project stakeholders. Clients are able to:
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Get in Touch

Interested in exploring World Bank Group guarantees for your project or investment? Email wbgguarantees@worldbank.org and our dedicated team will provide you with personalized guidance and support, ensuring you make the most of our guarantee solutions.