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For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008, MIGA issued $2.1 billion in investment guarantees (insurance) for 24 projects in developing countries. This represents MIGA’s fourth consecutive year of growth and the largest amount of new gross exposure in MIGA’s history. Of the guarantees issued, $690 million went to projects in IDA-eligible (the world’s poorest) countries. The highlights section includes messages from World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick and former MIGA Executive Vice President Yukiko Omura. more pdf


Development Impact
One hundred days into his tenure, President Robert Zoellick laid out an agenda for addressing a number of key challenges facing the developing world. The World Bank Group is playing a role in supporting the world’s poorest countries, fragile and conflict affected states, middle income countries, global public goods, and the Arab world. It is also working to better tap its knowledge and expertise to support development outcomes. As the World Bank Group’s political risk insurance arm, MIGA is brining a unique set of tools and solutions to support this agenda. This section discusses MIGA’s involvement in these areas. more pdf


Operational Overview
MIGA’s operational activities in fiscal year 2008 were mainly guided by the development needs of member countries, the demands of a changing FDI environment and PRI market, and the desire to complement other insurers and institutions that provide similar services.  During the fiscal year, MIGA demonstrated strong performance in its priority areas—the world’s poorest countries; conflict-affected countries; complex infrastructure projects; and South-South investment.
This section provides detailed information on MIGA’s guarantee portfolio as well as information on technical assistance and the agency’s online investment information and knowledge services. more pdf


Independent Evaluation Group 
In fiscal year 2008, the Independent Evaluation Group’s (IEG) prepared an Annual Report focusing on MIGA’s strategic directors from 2005-2008. The report assesses key aspects of the design, implementation, and results to date of MIGA’s strategic directions, with the aim of informing the agency’s new operational directions for FY09-11. IEG also contributed to a study titled World Bank Group Guarantees Instruments 1990-2007, which reviews the Bank Group’s experience with guarantee instruments. more pdf


Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman
The IFC/MIGA Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO) is an independent recourse mechanism that reports directly to the president of the World Bank Group. During fiscal year 2008, the CAO received and accepted for investigation one complaint on a project MIGA underwrote in 2001 (a water project in Ecuador). more pdf


Management's Discussion and Analysis (FY08) and Financial Statements
MIGA is financially self-sustaining, and its activities are supported by a robust capital base. The agency prepares its financial statements in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (US GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). more pdf


This section provides information on MIGA’s governors and alternates, directors and alternates, signatories to MIGA’s convention, subscriptions to the general capital increase, and member countries. more pdf