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Investment Guarantees

Trust Funds

MIGA makes available special guarantee facilities and trust funds to encourage investment in areas of special need, working with partners to leverage the amount of coverage the agency can provide. Currently, MIGA offers support through three trust funds:

  • Conflict-Affected and Fragile Economies Facility
    To further enourage foreign investment in conflict-affected and fragile economies, MIGA has established a multi-country, donor-funded facility that will allow the Agency to further expand its business in conflict-affected and fragile economies. The Conflict-Affected and Fragile Economies Facility uses contributions from the Canadian, Swedish and UK governments as well as MIGA guarantees, to provide an initial loss layer to insure investment projects in conflict-affected and fragile economies. MIGA anticipates providing an additional $400 million of gross guarantees in conflict-affected and fragile economies through using the Facility during its initial years, over and its normal operations. The Facility’s impact is expected to be substantially in excess of this amount over its twenty-year life.
  • The Environmental and Social Challenges Fund for Africa is a pilot facility to help foreign investors address environmental and social challenges in Africa. It was created with a $1 million grant from the government of Japan.
  • The West Bank and Gaza Investment Guarantee Trust Fund (Arabic) aims to encourage investors to increase investment in the West Bank and Gaza. Increased investment in productive areas is expected to contribute to the economic development of the region. MIGA administers the trust fund on behalf of its current sponsors—the Palestinian Authority and the Government of Japan.

MIGA also managed the Afghanistan Investment Guarantee Facility. The facility, now closed, provided cover for a total of five projects, and for an overall guarantee amount of $11.7 million.

MIGA also managed the European Union Investment Guarantee​ Trust Fund for Bosnia and Herzegovina​. This $12 million fund has been fully utilized