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Investment Guarantees

Types of Coverage

MIGA offers coverage for five non-commercial risks. Coverages may be purchased individually or in combination.

Currency Inconvertibility and Transfer Restriction


Protects against losses arising from an investor’s inability to legally convert local currency (capital, interest, principal, profits, royalties, and other remittances) into hard currency (Dollar, Euro or Yen) and/or to transfer hard currency outside the host country where such a situation results from a government action or failure to act. Currency depreciation is not covered. In the event of a claim, MIGA pays compensation in the hard currency specified in the contract of guarantee.



Protects against losses arising from certain government actions that may reduce or eliminate ownership of, control over, or rights to the insured investment. In addition to outright nationalization and confiscation, "creeping" expropriation—a series of acts that, over time, have an expropriatory effect—is also covered. Coverage is available on a limited basis for partial expropriation (e.g., confiscation of funds or tangible assets).

In case of total expropriation of equity investments, compensation to the insured party is based on the net book value of the insured investment. For expropriation of funds, MIGA pays the insured portion of the blocked funds. For loans and loan guaranties, MIGA can insure the outstanding principal and any accrued and unpaid interest. Compensation would be paid upon assignment of the investor's interest in the expropriated investment (e.g., equity shares or interest in a loan agreement) to MIGA.

War, Terrorism, and Civil Disturbance


Protects against loss from, damage to, or the destruction or disappearance of, tangible assets or total business interruption (the total inability to conduct operations essential to a project’s overall financial viability) caused by politically motivated acts of war or civil disturbance in the country, including revolution, insurrection, coups d'état, sabotage, and terrorism. For tangible asset losses, MIGA would pay the investor’s share of the lesser of the replacement cost and the cost of repair of the damaged or lost assets, or the book value of such assets if they are neither being replaced nor repaired. For total business interruption that results from a covered war and civil disturbance event, compensation would be based, in the case of equity investments, on the net book value of the insured investment or, in the case of loans, the insured portion of the principal and interest payment in default. This coverage encompasses not only violence in the host country directed against a host country government, but also against foreign governments or foreign investments, including the investor’s government or nationality.

Temporary business interruption may also be included upon a request from the investor and would cover a temporary but complete cessation of operations due to loss of assets or unreasonably hazardous conditions in the host country, which result in a temporary abandonment or denial of use. For short-term business interruption, MIGA would pay unavoidable continuing expenses and extraordinary expenses associated with the restart of operations and lost business income or, in the case of loans, missed payments.

Breach of Contract


Protects against losses arising from the government’s breach or repudiation of a contract with the investor (e.g., a concession or a power purchase agreement). Breach of contract coverage may be extended to the contractual obligations of state-owned enterprises in certain circumstances. In the event of an alleged breach or repudiation, the investor should invoke the dispute resolution mechanism (e.g., an arbitration) set out in the underlying contract. If, after a specified period of time, the investor has been unable to obtain an award due to the government’s interference with the dispute resolution mechanism (denial of recourse), or has obtained an award but the investor has not received payment under the award (non-payment of an award), MIGA would pay compensation. If certain conditions are met, MIGA may, at its discretion, make a provisional payment pending the outcome of the dispute and before compensation for non-payment of an award is paid.

For non-payment of an award, MIGA would pay the investor's interest in the award. For denial of recourse, MIGA would pay the investor's interest in the amount which, according to MIGA’s claims determination, the host government would have to pay to the investor pursuant to the contract. In either case, MIGA’s compensation would be capped by the amount of guarantee stated in the guarantee contract.

Non-Honoring of Financial Obligations


Protects against losses resulting from a failure of a sovereign, sub-sovereign, or state-owned enterprise to make a payment when due under an unconditional financial payment obligation or guarantee related to an eligible investment. It does not require the investor to obtain an arbitral award. This coverage is applicable in situations when a financial payment obligation is unconditional and not subject to defenses. Compensation would be based on the insured outstanding principal and any accrued and unpaid interest.