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Investment Guarantees


MIGA insures cross-border investments made by investors in a MIGA member country into a developing member country. In certain cases, the agency may also insure an investment made by a national of the host country, provided the funds originate from outside that country. Corporations and financial institutions are eligible for coverage if they are either incorporated in, and have their principal place of business in, a member country or if they are majority-owned by nationals of member countries. A state-owned company is eligible if it operates on a commercial basis. An investment made by a non-profit organization may be eligible if it is carried out on a commercial basis.

MIGA insures new and existing investments. For an existing investment to be considered eligible, the project must meet certain criteria. For example, MIGA may insure existing investments where an eligible investor is seeking to insure a pool of existing and new investments, or where the investor demonstrates both the development benefits of, and a long-term commitment to, the existing project. Acquisitions, including the privatization of state-owned enterprises, may also be eligible. Investors seeking clarification on eligibility are encouraged to contact us.

The types of foreign investments that can be covered include equity, shareholder loans, shareholder loan guaranties, and non-shareholder loans. All loans and loan guaranties, including those issued by shareholders of the project, must have a minimum maturity of more than one year provided that MIGA determines the project represents a long-term commitment by the investors. Other forms of investment, such as technical assistance and management contracts, asset securitizations, capital market bond issues, leasing, services, and franchising and licensing agreements, may also be eligible for coverage.

In keeping with MIGA's objective of promoting economic growth and development, investment projects must be financially and economically viable and meet MIGA’s social and environ​mental performance standards.

Investors are encouraged to contact MIGA to discuss the type, amount, and duration of coverage that fits their needs. The business inquiries line is available by phone at +1.202.458.2538 or e-mail at