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* IFC, World Bank, insurance brokers, agents and finders may be paid a commission by MIGA.

The purpose of this application is to register interest in a MIGA guarantee. Upon acceptance, a Notice of Registration will be issued. This notice does not constitute a commitment either by MIGA to offer a guarantee or by the applicant to accept such a guarantee. MIGA will treat all information contained in this application as confidential, and will not disclose it outside the agency except with the applicant's consent.

The following is a summary of MIGA's rules on eligibility pertaining to investments and applicants. Other types of investments might qualify for MIGA's coverage.

1. Type of Investment
 New cross-border investments originating in any member country and destined for any developing member country.
 Investment contributions associated with the expansion, modernization, improvement, or enhancement of existing projects.
 Acquisitions including privatization of state owned enterprises.
 Existing investments may also be eligible if the investor demonstrates both development benefits and long-term commitment to the project.

2. Form of Investments
 Equity interests.
  Shareholder loans and loan guarantees issued by equity holders, which must have a term of more than one year.
 Other investments such as technical assistance, management contracts, franchising and licensing agreements as long as the remuneration of the investor depends on the revenues or production of the investment project and the investment has a term of at least three years.
  Non-shareholder loans with a term of more than one year, as long as they relate to a specific investment or project in which some other form of direct investment is present.

3. Eligible Applicants
 Nationals of a member country other than the country in which the investment is to be made (host country).
 Juridical persons if they are either incorporated in and have their principal place of business in a member country other than the Host Country or if they are majority-owned by nationals of member countries.
 State-owned corporations if they operate on a commercial basis.
 Nationals of the host country or juridical persons incorporated in said host country or whose capital is majority-owned by its nationals, provided that the invested assets are transferred from outside the host country.

For all MIGA projects for which a Definitive Application is filed, MIGA Sanctions Procedures will be applied to sanction corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive and obstructive practices in connection with projects guaranteed by MIGA.

FOR MORE DETAILS on MIGA's activities, including its member countries, contact MIGA at migainquiry@worldbank.org or +1 202 458-2538 or visit MIGA's website at : www.miga.org.


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