Team Leaders

Below, prospective or current clients and partners will find relevant points of contact should they need to reach out to one or more of our team leaders.

Yasser Ibrahim

Sector Manager - Environment, Social and Integrity

Olga Sclovscaia

Regional Head — Europe and Central Asia

Nabil Fawaz

Sector Manager for Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services

Hoda Moustafa

Regional Head — Sub-Saharan Africa

Jae Hyung Kwon

Head (South and North Asia, excl. Japan) and Senior Underwriter

Christopher Millward

Sector Manager for Finance and Capital Markets

Marc Roex

Head of Reinsurance

Moritz Nikolaus Nebe

Sector Manager - Economics and Sustainability

Shamali F. De Silva

Chief Counsel for Operations and Policy

Shuichi Hayashida

Head (Japan) and Senior Underwriter