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Who We Are


​MIGA is a member of the World Bank Group. Our mission is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) into developing countries to help support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve people's lives...

Our strategy​

At the center of MIGA’s new FY18-20 strategy are three elements:

  • A re-affirmed focus on the poorest through support for projects in IDA countries
  • A continuing emphasis on Fragile and Conflict-affected States, where MIGA has opportunity to have impact where private PRI insurers are unwilling to go, and
  • An expanded commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation, targeting 28% of new issuance related to climate change mitigation or adaptation in 2020.

    Understanding that MIGA’s impact is correlated with the size of its issuance growth, MIGA aims to continue its ambitious trajectory of expansion, targeting issuance growth of 40% between FY16 and FY20. If achieved, MIGA’s FY20 issuance would be four-fold what it was ten years prior and more than double what it was in FY13, despite more than five consecutive years of declining emerging market FDI flows.

    To deliver on these targets, MIGA’s FY18-20 strategy has four pillars:
  • Grow core business: MIGA will enable new investments across sectors and regions through building on past efforts to improve operations and delivery in current segments
  • Innovate applications: MIGA will continue to create new ways of using its suite of products to create impact, especially through the use of new vehicles, including the IDA 18 Private Sector Window
  • Create projects for impact: MIGA will develop, structure and launch new projects by playing a proactive role early in the pipeline through working with governments, state-owned enterprises, and investors
  • Create markets: MIGA will drive comprehensive country solutions and spur private sector investment and development by working as part of the WBG’s Maximizing Finance for Development (MFD) Approach

Click here to read our strategy for fiscal years 2018-2020.

As a multilateral development agency, MIGA only supports investments that are developmentally sound and meet high social and environmental standards. MIGA applies a comprehensive set of social and environmental performance standards to all projects and offers extensive expertise in working with investors to ensure compliance to these standards.

Our products

We fulfill our mission by providing political risk insurance guaran​tees to private sector investors and lenders. MIGA’s guarantees protect investments against-non-commercial risks and can help investors obtain access to funding sources with improved financial terms and conditions. Our unique strength is derived from our standing as a member of the World Bank Group and our structure as an international organization with our shareholders including most countries of the world. Since our inception in 1988, MIGA has issued more than $28 billion in political risk insurance for projects in a wide variety of sectors, covering all regions of the world.

Our team

Our people have extensive experience in political risk insurance, with backgrounds including banking and capital markets, environmental and social sustainability, project finance and sector specialties, and international law and dispute settlement. Meet our ​ senior management.

Our shareholders

A Council of Governors and a Board of Directors representing our member countries guide the programs and activities of MIGA. MIGA’s corporate powers are vested in the Council of Governors, which delegates most of its powers to a Board of Directors. Voting power is weighted according to the share of capital each director represents. The directors meet regularly at the World Bank Group headquarters in Washington, DC, where they review and decide on investment projects and oversee general management policies.