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Development Results

MIGA's mission is to support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve people's lives. In order to achieve this, the Agency needs a clear understanding of the development outcomes of the projects it supports. MIGA's Development Effectiveness Indicator System (DEIS) collects a common set of indicators from clients to demonstrate results across all projects: volume of investment catalyzed, direct employment, taxes paid, and value of locally procured goods. It also measures sector-specific indicators.

MIGA's $4.8 billion issuance in fiscal year 2017, expecting to support $16 billion total activity financing in public and private co-investment.

Here are highlights of the development results expected from projects supported by MIGA guarantees signed in fiscal year 2017:



In 2016, actual development results achieved by MIGA's portfolio clients made a real impact—by driving economic growth, promoting inclusiveness, and ensuring sustainability.

Here are indicative numbers: