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Our political risk insurance can play a pivotal role in helping companies attract funds for large, capital-intensive investments. At the close of fiscal year 2013, infrastructure accounted for 44 percent of MIGA's gross exposure.

MIGA and Infrastructure Investments

MIGA has a comparative advantage in supporting complex infrastructure investments, particularly when it comes to cash-intensive investments that involve municipal governments, and when it comes to securing financing at better rates and for longer periods.

Infrastructure development is an important priority for MIGA, given the estimated need for $230 billion a year solely for new investment (maintenance needs are of a similar magnitude) to deal with the rapidly growing urban centers and underserved rural populations in developing countries.

MIGA’s strategy builds on our market strengths: encouraging investments in the more difficult, frontier markets, as well as supporting investments at the sub-sovereign level, which often involves inexperienced and therefore riskier partners.

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