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World Investment and Political Risk 2009

World Investment and Political Risk 2009 examines the state of the PRI industry in the emerging post-crisis investment landscape.  The new report offers a snapshot of political risk perceptions of the largest multinational enterprises and perspectives of the PRI industry.

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Foreword, Acknowledgements, Executive Summary 

World Investment Trends: Outlook and Corporate Perspectives

Until the recent economic downturn, private capital flows, especially FDI, had surged to record levels in both developed and emerging markets. The financial crisis dented investment plans everywhere, pressing the brakes on global growth. Although developing countries have not been spared from the effects of the crisis, they have on average fared better than the industrialized world in terms of both economic growth and FDI inflows.


The Challenge of Political Risk

As signs of economic recovery in the aftermath of the most severe crisis in the post war era emerge (chapter 1), concerns over political risk continue to loom large. While the link between FDI and political risk is not straightforward, investors repeatedly rank political perils as a top concern when venturing abroad.


The Political Risk Insurance Industry: A view from the Supply Side

Robust appetite for investment in emerging markets in the medium term and the rising prominence of South-based investors present both challenges and opportunities for the investment insurance side of the PRI industry. This changing global environment, combined with a greater awareness of political risks on the part of investors, places the industry in a position to expand its reach and help promote the expected rebound of FDI to emerging markets.


Annexes and Bibliography
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