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Small Investment Program

MIGA’s Small Investment Program (SIP) is designed to facilitate investments into small and medium-size enterprises involved in the finance, agribusiness, manufacturing, and services sectors. The program offers:

For an investment to be eligible for MIGA coverage, the project enterprise must fulfill two of the following three criteria:

  • no more than 300 employees
  • total assets not more than $15 million
  • total annual sales not more than $15 million

Although the total size of the investment may be larger than $10 million, the application for investment guarantee must be less than $10 million. There is no minimum required amount of guarantee. SIP covers up to 90 percent of the investment for equity and up to 95 percent for debt. SIP guarantees have a term of up to 10 years (three years minimum), with the possibility of an extension, at the end of the original term, of up to five years at MIGA's discretion.

Investments must also meet the basic eligibility requirements under MIGA’s regular guarantee program. MIGA’s environmental and social performance standards also apply to projects under the SIP. Category A projects may not be covered under the SIP.

>> Apply for SIP Coverage.

For more information, contact:
t. 202.458.2538
f. 202.522.2630 

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