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Team Leaders

Investment Guarantees

Agribusiness and General Services
Nabil Fawaz (bio)
t. 1.202.473.8437 

Energy and Extractive Industries
Antonio Barbalho (bio)
t. 1.202.473.6761 

Finance and Capital Markets
Olga Sclovscaia (bio)
t. 1.202.458.2823 

Infrastructure (Telecommunications, Transportation, and Water)
Carlo Bongianni (bio)
t. 1.202.473.4615 

Economics Unit
Dan Biller (bio)
t. 1.202.473.3037 

Environment, Social, and Integrity
Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim (bio)
t. 1. 202.473.8645 

Reinsurance and Broker Program
Marc Roex
t. 1.202.458.0354

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