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Senior Management

Keiko Honda


Keiko Honda, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
Keiko Honda is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), the political risk insurance 
and credit enhancement arm of the World Bank Group.
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Ravi Vish


Santiago G. Assalini, Director, Finance and Risk
Santiago directs a team responsible for MIGA’s finance and accounting,
risk management, and reinsurance functions. 


Ana-Mita Betancourt



Ana-Mita Betancourt, Director and General Counsel, Legal Affairs and Claims
Ana-Mita has overall responsibility for MIGA’s Legal Affairs and Claims Group, including eligibility and deal structure, contract negotiation and drafting, dispute resolution, and claims management.
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Edith Quintrell


Edith Quintrell, Director, Operations
Edith directs the team responsible for underwriting MIGA’s guarantees and developing the agency’s business.


Ravi Vish


Ravi Vish, Director, Economics and Sustainability
Ravi directs the team responsible for assessing project and country risks and ensuring that projects are developmentally sound and economically sustainable for the host country.


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